Marketing With eBay Classified Ads

“How to use eBay classified ads?” is a question worth answering. Before I proceed with this article, I must remind the reader to always check eBay’s rules and regulations before implementing any of the following suggestions. The rules change on an ongoing basis, and all following techniques were acceptable at the time this article was submitted.

Overall value is one advantage of marketing with eBay classified ads. Compared to other popular methods of advertising, eBay classifieds are definitely worth a look. The monthly charge for a classified ad is approximately nine dollars and ninety nine cents. Other well known advertising avenues really can’t compete with this price. For example, take a good look at Google AdWords. A popular search term can cost the advertiser a pretty penny. Results, in the form of sales, are often not worth the initial investment. An advertiser pays the inflated cost of the lead, or pay per click, regardless. Loss of your investment could be the unfortunate outcome.

Exposure is another key advantage of marketing with eBay classified ads. The exact figure is difficult to estimate, but eBay is visited by millions of potential customers a day. This is an enormous opportunity to get your name or product in front of a vast audience. eBay’s exposure provides a good opportunity to market your product or service when combined with the value.

Direct marketing with eBay classified ads is one direction that an advertiser could take. Directly selling a product or service within the classified listing is perfectly acceptable. The advertiser may include a description of his products or services, in great detail if they wish. An image or a photo of their products can be displayed. This is a great option that you usually won’t find within print classifieds. A link back to your website is also accepted, and this is always advantageous.

There is also a more advanced method of marketing with eBay classified ads. This method involves leading the viewer of an advertisement to a squeeze page containing an opt in box. It would be beneficial to offer the viewer a free gift within the advertisement. An eBook or a free report would be a good example of a gift. The future subscriber would fill out the opt in form and then be directed to a download page to receive their free gift. It is recommended to use an autoresponder service that gives the person an option of unsubscribing from the list. This maintains a professional appearance and keeps the viewer happy. The author feels that this is truly a great way of utilizing classified ads. The true secret of marketing with eBay classified ads is using them to build your list. You are basically pulling customers away from eBay, in order to market to them at a later date.

Marketing with eBay classified ads is a great strategy for any online business. An advertiser can really use a creative and imaginative listing to boost their online ventures.

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