Internet Network Marketing – Leveraging by the Numbers

This is 30 day program to take you from zero to hero and we are going to start by enhancing your popularity on the best piece of real estate any where in the world. You guessed it, it is the front page to Goggle. Now as I stated before the fasted way to get from zero to hero in 30 days of less is through Pay Per Click Advertising. Its easy to setup a Google ad words account and you will see traffic going to your opportunity within hours if you set up your account correctly, so that is what we are going to cover first, how to setup your advertising campaign.

Even if you don’t have a website you can still get your ad in front of literally millions of people every day and have them call you with their credit card in hand. The first thing you need to do is go to the Google website and on the lower left hand side of the main page is link to Google advertising. Click on that link and then choose the side that says Goggle Ad words. You will need to establish an account with Google by putting In a valid email address and then you will need to setup a password. Once you have completed that then you can begin to setup your ad campaign. First you need to enter all of your billing information so that way after your campaign gets on it ways Google can bill you through out the month.

Now that that you have your billing established you can create your ad. Start by establishing the ad settings. If you are person who is specializing in direct sales you might want to set your Geo Target locally so you can dominate your local areas however if your business or opportunity is capable of going global then I recommend to set your Geo target to only English speaking countries it much easier to communicate if their is ever a problem or issue in the future. The next step is setup your daily budget, this may sound weird but the higher the limit that you place the more often your ad will show. All the best marketers suggest that you begin with a daily budget of at least $1000.00 then as you build your specific ad you can customize your different ads, keywords and keyword bidding to maximize your daily budget. As you may know, you only get charged if someone clicks on your ad to get more information, so don’t sweat about setting a higher daily budget.

Once you have established your daily budget, its time to start building keywords that are relevant to your potential customer who are seeking your specific product or service. You can build specific keywords for example If you are De Walt Drill Sales person then you can make one of your key words De Walt Drill, then every variation that you can think of because Google has exact phrase or broad phase, the more broad the word or phrase is, the more expensive it is to you and the more relevant the keywords are to your text ad the higher the keyword rating will be making the cost for specific keywords less. This will allow you to show your ad more often, If you can place the name of the specific product or service in the main part of the text then that is targeting your specific type of buyer.

For a better understanding go back to the drill analogy most people just don’t go looking for a drill they go looking for something that can make a hole in a certain diameter so by placing those specifics in the main part of the text with the surrounding information describing the your specific product then you are laser targeting just those who are seeking that item. An example of this you could advertise flawless holes up what ever size every time, then provide a brief description of the drill and then your contact information, if you have a website make sure your URL is directed to the page that you where describing in your text because your potential customer was looking exactly for that so you do not want to waste their time looking at something they did not come to see. however you could make suggestions that allow for higher sales volume within your website but don’t make it the focal point when your prospect initially hits the page directed in from the search engine. Create different versions of the same ad and spend more money on the ad the converts the most prospects in to satisfied customers.

Since you have PPC pretty much down now the hard work comes into play. Search Engine Optimization takes time and effort but its not impossible to get high ranking in a fairly short time now most experts agree the fastest way to get top search engine rankings is through article marketing. If you are able to write decent content and submit it to several article directories your website will get better back links which will increase your page rankings. So every day for 30 days if you want to improve your page rank with the search engines you need to write at least 1 article with relative content to what ever your are marketing, this can be applied with direct sales or network marketing opportunities, the more relative your content is the higher you will rank in the search engines.

The whole reason why people get involved with network marketing is to create leverage, you leverage your time, your money with others with similar interest then everyone benefits. Think about it why do you think mutual funds or hedge fund managers are so successful, because they pool millions of dollars to gether to lessen the risk but because their is so much money their are big returns. If you want to learn more about leveraging and how you can make more money check out the link listed in my resource box listed below.

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