How Important is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is one of the ways that a company can build a reputation and a presence among potential customers. The brand that defines a company is usually comprised of a name, a logo and sometimes a symbol. These are the visual markers that remind people of the company’s reputation.

Building a Brand’s Reputation

The logo and name may be a big part of building a brand, but it’s a company’s reputation that is really at the heart of any brand. To keep a good reputation as a part of the company’s brand, offering good customer service and staying in communication with customers is key.

Offering a place for customers to find out more about the company and to make comments and ask questions is a way to keep communication going. A company blog that reaches out to customers and tells them more about the company and it products is a good way to build a brand. It also provides that platform for communications.

The Importance of Customer Service

The Internet has provided countless places for people to talk about their bad experiences with companies. Studies have shown that people are far more apt to talk about bad experiences with a company than good ones. To keep a brand’s positive reputation, those bad reviews should be responded to. Using Google alerts for your company’s name can let you know as soon s your brand is mentioned online.

Companies large and small are reaching out to customers online, extending customer service even when it wasn’t requested. Even large companies like Home Depot search online and respond directly to customers who have blogged or tweeted about their bad experiences with the company. This shows online readers that the company really does care about their customer experience. It can also help a company find out when there is a serious problem that needs attention.

Building Customer Loyalty

Besides keeping a reputation positive, the purpose of brand marketing is to encourage customer loyalty. By providing a customer with a brand representation such as a symbol or logo that evokes a positive emotional reaction, a customer will likely choose that company again when it’s time to buy.

Marketing the company’s name and logo is a way to keep that brand in the mind of the public. The logo should be on websites, marketing articles, blogs and anywhere that the company is doing its marketing. That includes offline papers and promotional products. When it is kept in front of customers, they remember the good experience they had with that company and may be persuaded to look into what else they have to offer.

Brand marketing often targeted directly at the people who are most likely to become customers. A company that is targeted to an older demographic should take that into account when brand marketing. The logo and the slogan should be created with this demographic in mind. A younger demographic may respond better to a different logo. The design of the website, an important part of brand marketing, should also reflect the tastes of the target demographic.

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