Banner Advertising – Why Buying Ads Directly From Websites is Better Than Using the Content Network

One of the biggest sources of traffic in most markets is the Google AdWords Content Network! You can get a lot of visitors to your site from this network if you know what you are doing! In this article I want to show you exactly why buying ads directly from site owners is better & why you can actually get more traffic to your site.

Reason #1 – You don’t have to deal with quality score updates when you buy banners directly from site owners in your niche.

You have to realize that as good as Google AdWords is, you have to comply with their quality scores and ongoing updates. That can be a lot of work if you are just starting out online! That is why you should focus your efforts on getting more visitors to your site from buying ads directly from the site owners in your niche market. The only that you have to do is make sure you are ad is relevant to the traffic that you are trying to attract on the site you are advertising on so you can get people to click on it and come to your site.

Reason #2 – You can get SEO links when you buy ads directly from site owners.

When you buy an ad on a site in your niche market you are going to get a link that points back to your site. When this happens, you are going to get credit for having a backlink. The more of these that you can get, the higher you will go in the search engines and the more traffic you can get for free because of your high rankings. So make sure you work to get your ads on sites in your niche market so you can get more visitors and higher search engine rankings.

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