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Direct Mail Campaign For Your Business

May 27 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

When there are so many other forms of advertisement and marketing campaigns, how do you decide what is going to be the best fit for your business? Many businesses choose one form or campaign over another due to reasons such as cost, but it is still hard to decide what is going to work for the product or service that you are trying to market. For those who don’t have the money to spend on commercials, infomercials, or telemarketing, there is another option. A direct mail campaign might be exactly what your business is looking for in terms of advertising and marketing. Many new businesses find themselves with a store full or products or a service waiting to be performed but lack of customers. The idea that if you have a great product or service than the customer will come to you is a very outdated theory in such a competitive business world.

Although a great product or service is a plus, you also need to make sure that there is some kind of marketing campaign in order to attract the interest of potential customers. Such advertising can be done with a direct mail campaign in a very cost effective manner when compared to other forms of advertising that require television and radio broadcasting. A direct mail campaign is exactly what it sounds like; it is advertising that is directly mailed to customers or potential customers. You might think to when you get your mail everyday and see a slew of advertisements mixed in with your bills and magazines. Those advertisements that come in the form of a letter or postcard is exactly what a direct mail campaign consists of. It is a form of marketing that has be utilized by businesses all over the world for decades. It is also a form of marketing that has been proven to work time and time again.

Now that you know what a direct mail campaign is you might think that it’s as simple as sticking something in the mail and sending it off all over your city. In theory this has some truth to it, but in reality the process is much more involved than that. A direct mail campaign takes a lot of thought and research before a business should just dive right into it. When spending money it is always wise to do the proper research in order to avoid throwing away any of that hard earned money. A direct mail campaign can be extremely beneficial to any business if the campaign is done correctly. It is quite easy to become one of those advertisements that you find yourself throwing in the garbage can on a regular basis if you are not careful. There are many aspects to consider such as the medium you wish to use, your target audience, what exactly you wish to market to that target audience, and a well researched mailing list. Once all of these are thought out and researched, it is then time to begin your direct mail campaign.

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How to Skyrocket Your Sales in the Current Economy by Simply Using the Marketing Automation

May 26 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

As a VP of marketing, Director of marketing, or sales executive you are well aware that even the best-planned marketing efforts can fail, and thorny economic times have only compounded the aggravation. You’ve been strained to cut your marketing expenditures significantly at the same time you’re expected to accomplish more.

This white paper introduces the fundamentals of running marketing programs efficiently and with the highest possible ROI, using not only a creative, but also an analytical approach to direct response marketing that is impossible without marketing automation – a primary support system for any successful marketing campaign. The technology-driven process, in conjunction with a preferred-by-marketers intuitive process, will enable you to tightly interweave your marketing and sales programs and, as a result, realize a positive return from your limited marketing resources.

Nurturing customer loyalty

Your current customers can be your best future customers, as well as your best sales reps. Satisfied customers will bring you many referrals, and as you might well know, a lead that comes from a customer referral is the one that your sales team will close faster and with higher a rate of probability, because your customer already made a great deal of effort to pre-sell the referred prospects.

Growing through referrals

If you have not developed a well-managed referral program for your customers – and any other partners that want do get into business with you and become a free agent that is paid commissions for referrals – you are losing a great opportunity for organic growth.

Consider this example:

Company ABC is a B2B service company with about 500 current customers, and the average annual sales per customer is $20,000, which generates $10,000,000 in annual sales.
Your annual advertising budget is 1% of the revenue ($100,000). As we all know, the majority of it is usually spent on campaigns that bring modest results, in the hope of discovering winning advertising venues – which become even harder with competition trying to get over the hump in this economical downturn.

Your company has been growing at a 10% rate annually, slowly but surely, but now the growth starts declining, and it is forecasted to be down 5% this year, with the same marketing expenditure (and even more hassling that your marketing and sales team has to get through).

Now imagine that you decided to monetize the connections of your customers. You can ask for a favor and a few will return. But you don’t want random single referrals – you want to get bombarded with pre-sold prospects who will take less than average time to close. Wouldn’t that be a marketing and sales paradise?

Welcome to paradise

Let’s imagine that you designed a customer referral program and offered a 10% commission to be paid as a result of each referral that converted into a paid customer.

Let’s assume that 50% of your customers signed up for your referral program, but only 50% of those customers actually refer paying prospects on a regular basis – that brings you 125 new sales a month.

Now do the math:

500 customers x 50% x50% = 125 customer referrals per month
125 referrals/month x 12 months x $20,000 per sale = $30,000,000/yr
$30M – 10% commission = $27M in new business

As you can see, your next year’s revenue will be $37,000,000 instead of $10,000,000, and your company growth rate now is 370% versus the forecasted -5%.

Developing the strategy and the process management system

You liked the math, and now you are ready to jump in and get it done, right?

Do you have a system to manage hundreds of referral partners? You probably don’t have the tools in place for a successful execution of the program. Are you planning to do it intuitively and manually?

Unless you have a proper structure, along with the necessary processes and technology to measure your success, you cannot execute your partnership programs properly.

That’s why you need to automate your marketing processes, and ideally you need to hire a marketing company that will design, automate, and market the program for you – and charge affordable rates.

Costs of marketing automation and campaign execution

How much do you think it would cost you to invest in a program that brings you millions of dollars of additional sales? Would $100,000 be the right number? Maybe, but it drastically exceeds the limits of
your existing marketing budget.

But the good news is that right now a direct response marketing company with established processes, a proven framework, and the right automation tools can get it all done for you in few weeks – for $10,000, or less.

Integrated marketing versus task-based marketing

Prior to using our solutions, for many of our clients, “marketing” was a series of isolated tasks – but from a sales point of view, selling is a coherent process. Task-based marketing can often fail because, at its core, it doesn’t help to commence a dialogue that a salesperson can bring to closure.

Test before investing

With the proper tools in place, now you can conduct formal tests of each marketing idea, collateral piece, and message to get the best performing tactics. No tests should be done manually because the necessary sampling size is prohibitively large.

The numbers game

Without proper metrics, marketers that rely blindly on an intuitive approach don’t have the tools to measure their success, and duplicate it in other programs.

Creativity and analysis have to go hand in hand. But proper analysis of a number of variables cannot be done manually. Tracking systems for both success and failure, and easy tools to analyze the elements that affected the result, have to be integrated and reflect the company’s objectives. Therefore few out-of-the box software packages for different purposes (such as campaign management, affiliate scripts, Google AdWords integration, and others) might not necessarily be the best solution for your company because it will require quite a bit of integration effort and maintenance resources.

A credible marketing service provider will not only be able to consult with you on the most suitable solution, but also implement it and run the campaigns on your behalf, during the learning phase while your marketing team is getting familiarized with the program.

The benefits of overall marketing automation

Through the use of a database, marketing automation enables you to learn – in depth – about your prospects’ and partners’ behavior, along with the decision making process and variables that influence it. It allows you to automate communication processes and maintain relationships electronically.

The results:
Better-organized sales and marketing processes.
Superior customer retention.
A consolidated view of your customer and lead base.
Better lead qualification and retention.
Higher return on sales force and customer support technology investment.
Higher marketing ROI.
Better tracking capability.
A better platform for making marketing and sales decisions.

Which translates to:
Reduced operational costs.
Reduced marketing expenditure.
Increased revenue.

Marketing automation doesn’t just link marketing with sales – it helps marketing drive sales.

What you can achieve with the right marketing automation technology

SalesAnual will help you to improve your response rates and boost the revenues from your marketing efforts. We offer you the ability to easily manage sophisticated, timely, personalized customer communication strategies. Built specifically to meet the needs of key members of the marketing process, our product will provide comprehensive data management, campaign management, and advanced customer analytics in one integrated, easy-to-use solution.

Marketing campaign management

Marketing campaign management is easy with with our product. Through a single application, you can effectively plan your marketing spend, manage all your initiatives and campaigns, and analyze performance and results.

Market segmentation

Our product helps you create targeted campaigns by segmenting your audience based on attributes such as demographics or product interest, and then send specific messages and offers for each group. You will have the ability to easily add contacts and leads to lists right from within campaigns.

Campaign analysis

Our system is designed to simplify ABC (split) testing. You can track, analyze, and optimize multiple campaigns such as on-line marketing and telemarketing. It will also allow you to analyze and optimize other campaigns such as trade shows, direct mail, advertising, and promotions, so that all marketing efforts are focused on the most effective campaigns.

Campaign testing

ABC tests are typically conducted to determine which version or elements of advertising materials are helping the performance of the campaign. ABC tests dramatically challenge the assumptions that marketers and company executives may have about the best way to design a campaign or collateral piece. The automated functionality also enables you to solve conflicts between marketing and management.

While ABC testing typically applies to on-line adverting, we can build your system around a repetitive test process for all media, so it enables you to test Web pages, advertising copy, telemarketing scripts, e-mail messages, newsletter content and layout, and so on.

Testing yields the most valuable results only when the tests are conducted repeatedly; therefore efficient ABC testing is impossible without full automation of the test process. This is a key advantage of the SalesAnnual system.

Our software can create an “ABC test winners” table where all of the best advertising items will be stored. Each record provides statistics, upon which every new marketing effort in the same category will be measured.

Revenue tracking

Our product will help you identify the marketing activities that generate the most sales revenue by directly tying every sales dollar back to its campaign source. Campaign managers can analyze detailed analytics to track revenue, and measure campaign success.

Express follow-ups

Our product helps you to easily determine which prospects require follow-up contact after a campaign, and define the appropriate actions.

List management

You can import and export campaign lists in multiple data formats from and to various marketing vendors. With SalesAnnual List Management, you can also create targeted, effective marketing campaigns with list management tools for segmenting, exporting, and analyzing lead lists.

List creation

This module enables you to create customer or prospect lists by selecting any combination of contact and customer information.

Data exporting

This module helps you to easily export your lists to outside suppliers and manage the results with SalesAnnual’s campaign management features.

Data importing

The module allows you to quickly import sales leads from offline sources such as trade shows, seminars, and direct mail; matching group and campaign; eliminating manual data entry.
It also enables you to import leads provided in bulk by a specific referral partner as a result of a specific campaign. You can also map and segment any information you need to manage.

Detailed reporting

This module allows you to analyze lists and contacts to identify trends, and to optimize marketing campaigns.

Lead management

This module allows you to track incoming prospect inquiries that respond to particular campaigns, and automatically route qualified leads to the right people, enabling sales reps to get instant access to the latest prospects – and business opportunities are never lost.

Online lead capture

This module allows you to automate lead generation by capturing leads from your customers’ website, directly into our system, and automatically send a personalized response based on information supplied by the customer.

Lead search and merge

This module ensures that reps can easily identify prior interactions with a lead before following up. You can easily merge leads, contacts, and accounts – and remove duplicates – for efficient lead management.

Lead tracking

This module monitors leads end-to-end – from creation to conversion – with capabilities that include automatic date/time stamping, campaign or lead source tracking (vendor, campaign, and partner), lead status changes, and lead activity management.

Channel partner program management

With our system you can easily manage various channel partner categories such as affiliates, referral partners, and resellers – and create efficient, automated relationships with them.

Affiliate program management

Our affiliate program management functionality is designed to manage your channel partners who mostly operate on the Web, and therefore the tracking system reflects the way traffic is sent to you website. Affiliates typically use your on-line marketing tools, such as text links, ad banners, video clips, podcasts, webcasts, as well as text documents such as articles, press-releases, white papers, and case studies.

Referral program management

Our referral program management functionality is designed to manage your channel partners that deliver leads in a less organized manner – in a verbal or written form for example.

Reseller program management

Our reseller program management functionality is designed to manage your Value Added Resellers (VARs), that engage in the sales and marketing of your product. Typically they bundle your product and services with those of their own company, and market to their existing client base.

Channel partner compensation management

Our lead tracking and payment management solution gives you an extensive reporting system that will put you at ease, because your team – and your partners – can always access the latest data about their account and lead performance.

Contract management

Our system allows you to store the contracts signed with each partner and see the compensation due to each partner. The numbers are presented in % and $ value accordingly the agreement with a particular partner, as well as revenue generated to date since the partner signed up.


Our flexible reporting solution gives you the ability to choose a report template or to customize reports according to your partners’ needs. The status of leads is reported as qualified, unqualified, dead, and so on, and you can easily send reports to your partners on a regular schedule.

Security controls

Our security controls and permissions capability allows your partners to access the sales leads in their own territories, or those provided by them. You can also manually share specific sales leads with any user you choose.

Automatic lead routing

Our product makes lead management easy by setting up queues and assignment rules to automatically route qualified leads to the right distributor (sales organization that is located in a country where a company has no inside sales capabilities) based on customized business rules, and track the status of every lead in your partner marketing channel. Your referral partners will get instant access to the latest prospects, and leads are never dropped or lost.

Email prospecting and tracking

Our system empowers your resellers and referral partners to send personalized, template-based, e-mail messages to prospects in large numbers, and to easily track all responses from one centralized lead management system.

Lead acceptance

Our system enables comprehensive tracking and accountability so you always know your lead status, in real time.

Targeted messages

Our system allows you to create specific messages and publish them to each individual channel partner.

Document management system

Our system provides a central repository of all the documents and communications your channel partners will need to support their sales and marketing efforts. Your partners will have continuous access to all of your up-to-date documents (product brochures, presentations, and support documents) from anywhere in the world, so they can respond to customer information requests quickly and easily.


Our comprehensive search capability allows your partners to quickly find relevant information, view documents, and even send them as attachments to their prospects, directly from the search results.

Secure records management

Our security rules and custom folders allow managers to organize documents and communications based on partner type, department, or any other criteria with limited access for the intended viewer only. Document management is secure and customized.

Second-tier referral program

Our system enables you to track not only every sale from each of your 1st-tier partners, but also each sale made by the partners that were acquired through your first-tier affiliates or referral partners.
Compensation is calculated according to your agreements.

Co-marketing program management

Our system enables your partners to submit marketing requests for co-marketing programs, if you choose. Requests are automatically compared and deducted from the partner budget. You can manage partner claims for funds requests by analyzing each claim compared to the allocated budget for each partner. Claims can be documented with a proof of performance.
For all financial and non-financial transactions, partners submit claims with proof of performance. Documents and uploaded materials are integrated with the marketing programs.

Special promotion for partners

With our system, you can make your partner Web portal “stickier” and increase partner adoption, by creating and communicating rebates and promotions for the partners. We provide rebate guidelines and best practices to help channel managers design and launch winning programs.
Your partners will have the ability to submit special pricing requests for the competitive deals on which they are working.

Search marketing management

Our system enables you to gain complete visibility and control over your search engine marketing campaigns-from keyword selection to closed deal. It allows you to put your marketing dollars to work with keywords that deliver the best results. You will can see exactly which leads were generated by each search engine marketing program.

Email marketing management

Our product has feature-rich functionality that helps you use a wide range of professionally designed templates for e-mailers and newsletters. One of our unique features gives you an easy way of creating landing page templates that match customized e-mail template and content.

Email tracking

Our system makes it easy to evaluate the success of e-mail campaigns with integrated response tracking and easy monitoring of key campaign metrics. You can easily identify which e-mail campaign generates the most:

Open emails (what recipients, when, how many times)
Click throughs
Closed deals

Our system gives you the ability to assign a specific identification to each affiliate or referral partners’ outbound email or telemarketing campaign sent via your system. Every incoming lead will be assigned to the appropriate partner and will be reported in the statistics on partners’ performance, accumulated compensation, and payment schedules.


Key features include:
Content editing supports a high degree of reusability and easy customization – push a button to insert a variable, “IF” statement, HTML template, and more.
Personalize messages using conditional content and data.
Default to standard content (such as “Dear Customer”) when conditions are not met.
Personalize subject lines.
Embed redirect URLs and attachments into e-mail messages.
Integrate with your favorite content editor, easily.
Flexible opt-in/opt-out support.
Viral marketing support – track and understand the value of customers who forward your messages, extending the return of those communications.
Rich re-marketing and wave campaign support via easy-to-create follow-up communications based on an individual’s response or lack of response.
CAN-SPAM compliant.

New dashboards and reporting functionality

With our new dashboard and customizable reporting functionality you will have instant access to the real-time data and analysis you need to run your business. Dashboards pull it all together, providing instant access to a consolidated, real-time view of your sales data.

Real-time dashboards

Dashboards give you an at-a-glance overview of the current status of your business, with benchmarks and critical metrics from sales, marketing, service, and more. One-click data refreshment ensures that your marketers are always working with the most up-to-date information.

Custom report formulas and highlighting
Multiple mathematical formulas are preprogrammed into the system to aggregate and perform calculations on raw data within the system. You no longer need to export your data to spreadsheets for detailed calculations.

Outbound sales campaign management

The module makes it easy for your telemarketers to create and test telemarketing scripts, as well as ABC test e-mail follow-ups that are automatically sent to the leads generated by each outbound sales campaign.

By default, unless customized, our system automatically sends three follow-ups to “non-responding” leads after which the system can automatically move them to the Dead category, which eliminates manual work.

Media buying and production management

We deliver a fast, powerful, and complete system that includes media buying, production, and result tracking, all designed with direct marketers in mind. Our system provides quick and easy access to information, and lets you track each campaign down to its tiniest details, because marketers and users need all the answers:

Which spots ads are profitable?
Which media is the most profitable?
Which creative is the best suitable for each particular media?
Which URL works best?
Which days of the week, month, and parts of the day work better for each media?
What is the cost per order for each media?
What is the cost per inquiry for each media?
What is the cost per lead for each media?
What is the ROI for each media?
Which call centers are the most effective?

Our system keeps everyone in sync and up-to-date because direct marketing is a complex process involving media buyers, scriptwriters, copywriters, designers, producers, call centers, accounting,
budgets… as well as innumerable sign-offs by clients and management.

Media buying

Print ads in newspapers, 30-second spots on prime-time television, banner ads on websites – each can be considered a media buy. Managing your media is easy with our fully automated system.

Spot and network buys.
Direct mail.
Inserts and circulars.
Display advertisements.
Cable and broadcast.

Production management

Our system helps you traffic and manage jobs, work orders, and schedules.

Note: Please note, some functionality is not available with the basic package and is only sold to clients that order 50+ seats, or is included as part of customization consulting. Please specify your requirements and we will provide you with a quick quote.


In the new state of the economy, your motto as a marketer should be “efficient marketing made simple with less;” at least ours is. Our programs and technologies will give your marketing department the ability to take greater ownership of leads, as well as customer and partner relationships, which keeps the cost per interaction as low as possible while guaranteeing greater marketing performance.

This means you can continually improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts rather than potentially repeat what hasn’t worked. Marketing automation – and a well-selected marketing firm – will make your marketing programs more successful and remove discrepancies between your marketing objectives and your execution capabilities.

The result… your company generates more qualified leads at a lower cost per sale, and this helps your sales team achieve a higher closing ratio.

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Marketing Tips – Referrals, Flyers, And Postcards

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If you know anything about marketing, then you know that it requires hard work. You can’t just run an ad and expect it to be a huge success the very first time around. You have to use these techniques for a long period of time so that you can see your marketing efforts pay off in the long run.

In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best marketing strategies that you can use in your business, so that you can get the leg up over your competition. Are you ready to know what some of these marketing strategies are? If you answered “yes” then congratulations! You’ve made the first step towards making your business a huge success.

I want to share with you some of the secrets to my success. Here’s the first marketing strategy that is effective:

1) Generating referrals from your customers

If you want to get referrals, the first thing that you should do is to contact your existing customers. These are the people who know you and like you, and they know how well you deliver on your promises. You may want to include a free gift of some sort from your customer just to act as an incentive that will get them up off their butts. Let’s look at another way to successfully market your business.

2) Flyers

Flyers aren’t something that should be taken lightly. If you can pinpoint the right audience with your flyer, you’ll stand to have a huge success with this marketing technique. To get started with this technique, you will want to analyze your target market. Find out where they hangout and place flyers under their windshield.

Here’s on example. I was at a club a few months back having a good time, and when I went to my car, I found a flyer about another club in the area. I held onto this flyer and kept it for next weekend. And needless to say, my cousin and I went to the club to check it out.

And it was packed!

We had a great time there, and I would have never discovered it if it wasn’t for the flyer that was left on my windshield. Here’s another low cost marketing strategy that you can use.

3) Postcards

Postcards are like a display ad via mail. You have to keep in mind all of the conventions of marketing, and make sure that it’s targeted towards your ideal prospect. You will find it beneficial to not sell via your postcard. Use it as a way to generate a lead, and then follow up on that lead with your full sales presentation.

The use of these 3 strategies can only do you more good than bad. If you want to see some improvement in your business, it’s time to put your marketing on high gears. Put your hard hat on and go to work with marketing and promoting your business.

Good luck with using these tips to have the success that you want in your business.

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The Basics of Networking in Network Marketing

May 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Almost daily I read messages online that say something like “Hi, I’m here to network, I have a great business to offer.” Networking and advertising are two very different concepts.

There is an excellent book on the market by Tim Sanders titled “Love Is the Killer App”. It’s a strange title but an excellent book about networking. Though the book was written in 2003, it’s still a book I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn about networking.

According to one online dictionary, the definition of networking is “sharing information.” I can see why people believe that saying, “Hey I sell such and such come and buy from me,” might be networking. These advertisers believe they are sharing information.

If you look at the word “network” you’ll find that it’s a group of people with a similar interest or bond. To become part of a network, you would need to share this similar interest or bond. So with this definition in mind, unless you’re with a group of others wanting to promote your business there is not a similar interest or bond when you say, “I have a great business to offer.”

So how can you network? Much will depend on who you’re speaking to. If I’m talking with another mom, I’ll share resources I’ve found on parenting. I’ll also share my own thoughts and ideas. If I’m talking with other people in network marketing, I’ll again share my ideas along with books and websites I’ve found to be helpful. When I meet people who are working on losing weight, I share the many tips that I implemented into my life. These are all examples of networking. I am sharing resources that bond me and the other people with a similar interest.

Your personal network is going to grow as you continue to find people you share a similar interest with. Just the other day, my daughter and I were talking. She said, “Mom when you look, you can find something in common with almost anyone.” She came up with many examples. She mentioned pet ownership, love of rain, dislike of a certain food, etc.

When I’m online, I always read people’s profiles seeking an area of common interest. It might be a favorite author or it might be a zodiac sign. I specifically look for common ground and common interests.

People tend to buy from those they know. When you seek out common ground, you’ve established a way for others to know you. Save the ads for the classifieds and put your energy into networking and making friends.

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Market Analysis in Direct Response Marketing – Is Your Chosen Market Worthwhile?

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

There are many business owners and entrepreneurs who unknowingly make simple mistakes that can cost them thousands if not millions of dollars before they realize what went wrong. Here are 3 reasons we found why so many direct response marketers go wrong.
Insufficient knowledge and experience in direct response marketing. They know their products profit potential but miss the point entirely when it comes to evaluating what their market universe or demographic potential really is.
They concentrate totally on the product instead of on the market, and analyzing their chosen markets limits.
Lack of knowledge and experience in direct response marketing and the evaluation of risk.There are several important steps or questions that should be asked in determining your target market.Before settling on a target market, make sure they meet these 4 criteria. If your target audience does not meet all of your criteria, you may want to consider choosing a different target audience, expanding your reach, or altering your products so they appeal to a larger group.1. Is your market identifiable; in other words does your target audience have a set of common characteristics that you can easily identify? Identifying all of the chiropractors’ offices in a specific area is an easy audience to target. However, identifying people that are not happy with their chiropractor is a more difficult thing to know.2. Is your market of considerable size; would this target market be able to sustain your business. Sometimes targeting too small of a geographic area or specific group can have an adverse financial effect on your business plan.3. Is your market profitable; do the majority of prospects that you are targeting have adequate purchasing power to afford the products or services you are offering. Sometimes a rough estimate can be done using demographic data to accomplish this until additional testing proves different.4. Is your target market accessible; can you easily reach this target audience? By doing some research in databases using the SIC (standard industrial code) you can easily find how many of these prospects there are in your targeted geographic area and group.These are a few questions you should ask yourself before pursuing and investing in a market.
What interests or expertise do I have that can be used to solve problems for people in a particular group?
Do I have contacts or notoriety in a particular area that can be leveraged to accomplish this?
Can I find where these people all conjugate or hang out at with ease?
Are the people in this group able to pay what I need to charge them for the product or service I want to provide?
Is this the easiest group to reach with the least amount of effort and in the least amount of time? In other words can this market be considered the lowest hanging fruit to pick?In summary these are some of the things you must look at and ask yourself before you start to commit to an industry, group of people or particular niche you want to market your product and services to. You need to get absolutely clear on the type of customer you want to attract to your business and determining their numbers will be the single most important step in beginning any marketing plan or campaign.

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Use Direct Mail Marketing to Capture Leads Online

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Here’s an easy and affordable direct mail marketing tactic to help you capture leads online:

First – create an informational product your key prospects would find interesting and helpful. “White paper” is the current buzzword, but it’s not important how you refer to the document, so long as you sell the value and uniqueness of it.

Next – use direct mail postcards to promote the value of this unique (and free) document, and point to the web page where it can be downloaded.

Lastly – have a web-based lead-capturing system in place to collect name and email address of interested prospects. One easy way to do this is to put the document online, use a newsletter sign-up box on the web page, and then send a link to the document via auto-responder confirmation message.

Keys to Success

  • You must start with a valuable item. Valuable doesn’t have to mean expensive — it just needs to be something your key prospects would want, like helpful information.
  • You must use the direct mail piece to promote the value of the item. Don’t veer off course here. Focus on the item of interest and explain its value completely and clearly.
  • You must make the download easy to find and retrieve. Don’t give a long list of website navigation instructions. Make a specific, easy-to-type landing page for the item.
  • You must have a lead-capturing mechanism in place. Otherwise, you’re giving information away but gaining nothing.

Your prospect has gained some valuable information (which also serves to promote your business, by the way), and you’ve gained a way to contact them. Everyone gets something.

It’s easy. It’s affordable. It’s measurable.

* You may republish this article on your website as long as the byline, author’s note and hyperlink are left intact. Please include the article in its entirety.

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The Art Has It – Tips For Effective and Cost Saving Direct Mail Marketing

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You’ve done your homework and decided that a direct mail marketing piece would be the best marketing strategy to acquire new customers. You’ve carefully worked the numbers and figured out your marketing allowable, or how much you can spend per piece to create a wonderful marketing campaign. Now with target audience in mind you hire the very best marketing firm. And then the troubles begin.The copy is great, but the design…oh, the design! The design is not only gorgeous, it’s also designed to be the most expensive size to mail through the United States Post Office. Worse, the design doesn’t appeal to your target audience.Before firing your creative team, use these tips to ensure effective and cost-saving direct mail marketing pieces every time, and get the best from your creative department.Write a Creative BriefThe creative brief has gone out of fashion lately, and that’s a shame. A solid creative brief can set the stage for a wonderful coalescence of copy, design and marketing strategy.  If you’re not familiar with the creative brief form, find one or ask a friend to share the format his agency uses. Most briefs contain background on the piece, the desired look and feel, the copy strategy, and any ‘must airs’ or must-haves in the piece, such as corporate logo, certain fonts, etc. Using a brief to communicate the basics with the creative team can safe a lot of time and headaches.Check the Latest Domestic Mail Marketing Manual on the U.S. Postal WebsiteIf you don’t have a copy of the majestic tome known as the Domestic Mail Manual, go to the post office’s website and search for it online. It changes frequently, so bookmark the page and especially mark the pages you refer to frequently. The Domestic Mail Manual tells marketers the size categories and specifics to achieve postal discounts. You can always break the post office’s rules and mail the oddball piece, but you’ll pay for it.  Learn what the generic sizes are now for things like post cards, flats and packages, and make sure your graphic design department knows too. Share this information in the creative brief to make sure it’s communicated throughout the team.Leave Michelangelo Out of It: The Image Is Pretty, but Does It Work?Graphic designers worked long and hard at their craft, the same as you. They take pride in their artistic achievements and often go to great lengths to create beautiful works of art on marketing pieces. The image and design may be artistic, but is it effective? If the direct mail marketing piece is covered by a huge photo of a daisy but you’re selling shoes, is it working? Will your target audience understand it? Make sure you never sacrifice clarity and coherence for artistry.Check Readability of All Direct Mail PiecesFonts go in and out of fashion about as rapidly as hemlines change each season, so be careful about trying to use the latest, greatest and snazziest font.  Make sure your direct mail piece is readable above all else.  Never drop body copy below a 10 point font and ideally, keep it at 12 points.   I remember working on a direct mail catalog for an education company. To save paper and get the catalog size down to a lower price break from the printer, the designer dropped the font to 9 points. One of the book editors flagged it and passed it back to me with a note that read in part: “The average age of our customers is 55.  If they have to put on their eyeglasses to read more, they’ll just throw out the catalog.” She was right!  It was better to spend the money and go for the bigger font size than make our customers struggle to read the print.Creating an effective direct mail piece is a fine balance between solid marketing skills, creative copy writing and design.  Yet by remembering these major points when you’re working on your next direct mail piece, you may end up saving the day by boosting response rates and saving money in the long run. And that’s the name of this numbers game known as direct mail marketing.

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Pay Per Click Profits (PPC) – How to Utilize Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing For Profit

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Unlike other Internet marketing strategies to generate profit for an online business, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) shows more promise of success. According to experts, PPC offers a business or an individual a cost-effective approach to marketing their venture to the online public, minimizing cost and maximizing exposure on the World Wide Web.1. What Is Pay-Per-Click?Internet marketing strategies cost you for putting up your ads on the Internet. Pay-Per-Click offers search engine coverage for your product and services, as well as the exposure of your business to the online world, but without emptying your bank account with all the expense.Pay-Per-Click works in the same was as any other ads, the only difference is that you will only be paying for it when they click on the ad and redirected to the site thus, you only pay when they click and generate traffic to your page. One advantage to PPC is that you can post as many of these ads as you like without dishing out money for it, which is very convenient especially if you want to have full-control over your marketing budget.2. Understanding The Needs Of Your Potential MarketBefore delving into Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing, it is very important to first understand the needs of your target market. In order to come up with relevant ads and use the right keywords to generate traffic from search engines, it is essential that you know the specific needs and wants of your potential consumers.Research is very important for this phase of the project. Initiate keywords research in-order to determine commonly-used search terms regarding your products and services. Concentrate only on keywords and phrases that have more potential of turning visitors into leads for profits.3. Tracking Your LeadsIts true that Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing can be a foundation for the success of your online venture, but experts advise to track your ads to determine whether a specific keyword is giving you profit or not. You do not want to involve yourself in unnecessary expense by keeping PPC ads that are not doing you any good. Tracking your ads will also give you the opportunity to determine which keywords are more likely to turn visitors into leads so you can modify other ads at your disposal for better results.While you are at it, you might want to check out beforehand the tools offered to you by your PPC campaign on how to keep track of your traffic. Do not delve into a campaign without knowing how to go about the reports.4. Avoiding MistakesMistakes in Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Market can cost you a lot of money if left unchecked. The most common mistakes made are the simple ones — which usually starts at your main site where you showcase your products and services.One of the common mistakes is the link used in the PPC ad. Many use the links of their homepage instead of leading your potential market directly to your products and services. Experts advise that the links should redirect the online masses to the selling page — which is specifically catered for purchasing the product. After all, Pay-Per-Click costs you money to generate traffic so it would be best to let your visitors lead to a potential sale for better profit and success.Also, the selling page should be catered to the needs of your potential market as well. It should be customized with advertisement campaigns that will help persuade your visitors to purchase the product instead of just taking a look for the sake of their curiosity. Some even implement video marketing on their selling page to push more visitors to acquire their product and services by providing them with quality information.Bidding for a particular keyword, especially the most popular ones can be very expensive. You might be stretching your marketing budget a bit when you try to get a specific keyword into your PPC campaign. If you do not want to waste money unnecessarily in battling out with competitors over the ownership of a keyword, then you might want to spend on the less expensive less popular keywords for better coverage.

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Restaurant Marketing Ideas

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In order to grow your restaurant sales you need to come up with unique restaurant marketing ideas to make your restaurant stand above the rest. These unique marketing ideas need to cover a range of marketing distribution channels, these channels are how you as the restaurant or cafe owner will attract your customer to dine with you. In your restaurant marketing idea efforts you will need to ensure that you have multiple customers coming from multiple marketing ideas and strategies and in effect you will then not rely on one income or customer source. Here is what I am talking about;Say you want to implement some restaurant marketing in your venue to attract more customers, you should in effect target those customer through different mediums such as, email, direct mail, web site, joint venture marketing, database marketing and radio just to name a few. By attacking your market and bombarding your market through many mediums will enable you to find out which restaurant marketing medium is the best for your restaurant.Marketing covers many customer generation channels these channels include:Print advertisingThis medium include magazines, newspapers, books, trade books, telephone directories and brochures.Broadcast/electronic advertisingThis marketing medium include radio, television, facsimile and internet/emailDisplay AdvertisingDisplay advertising include outside billboards, bumper stickers, signage, posters and vehicle advertising.Direct ResponseThis medium include marketing direct mail as well as telemarketingEvents and promotionsThis marketing medium include trade shows, fairs, exhibits, conventions and promotion novelty items such as key rings etcPublicity and Public Relations (PR)This include press releases, feature articles, internal newsletters, speeches, seminars and sponsorships.Word of mouthThis medium includes spontaneous word of mouth and restaurant customer testimonials.Although this list of restaurant marketing mediums is not exhaustive it will however provide you with a list to start from when marketing your restaurant or café. What is important when you start or rejuvenate your restaurant marketing it is to ensure that you target your market, don’t try and be everything to every one. Here is an example, lets just say you were a fine dining restaurant and you wanted to market your restaurant, you certainly would not market your restaurant on a shopper docket (know those ads that appear on the back of your shopping docket receipt). This would be foolish as this is not the market you may be wanting to attract to your fine dining restaurant. You could however advertise in the business section of the Wall Street Journal or Financial Review.Marketing your restaurant does not have to be a daunting exercise, if you are going to increase your sales you need to do some marketing. Oh…. One last thing if you are marketing your restaurant then make sure you test and then measure the effectiveness of the marketing. There is no use to throwing away your money on marketing that is not working.Remember marketing is the engine of your restaurant so remember to put some gas in it.

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Internet Marketing – Direct Marketing on the Internet

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Internet patrons can be sent e-mails promoting specific products. Businesses, however, have to be careful about sending unsolicited e-mails because many customers and businesses are frustrated by the practice of spamming or sending out mass unwanted emails.Spamming on the Internet is equivalent to sending out junk mail to an non targeted audience. Instead, the firm should develop a more targeted Internet e-mail direct-marketing program. To do so, the first step is to get the customer’s permission. Obtaining this permission is easier when some type of reward is offered.Most companies that market on the Internet adopt the above technique where in they use Web built-in forms that customers can check in order to receive company’s free newsletter then click the confirmation email which they get in their inbox to start receiving those newsletters and updates. Also, from the company’s perspective, the form is designed to obtain names for a database which may then be used in later direct-mail and e-mail marketing programs.Some florists, for instance, have been successful using email to encourage direct sales. These companies obtain the client’s permission and then send reminders about anniversaries, birthdays and other important dates. Many customers find these personalized e-mails to be beneficial. It takes time to develop this type of program because the company needs a great deal of information from customers. When the relation is established, however, it can be a very strong direct-marketing technique.The most recent trend in direct marketing via the Internet is interactive marketing. Interactive marketing is individualizing and personalizing everything from the Internet Web content to the product being promoted to e-mail messages.NCR produces a software called Relationship Optimizer and Prime Response that uses powerful data analysis techniques to personalize direct offers. The NCR software analyzes customer interactions such as click-stream data traffic, any type of customer interaction with the firm and combines it with demographic information from external or internal direct-marketing database. As the data are being processed, the software can launch complex interactive and personalized Web and e-mail campaigns.Levi-Strauss uses a similar software called Blue Martini E-Merchandising, to customize both and the Websites. The Home Shopping Network uses Edify’s Smart Options software to track user preferences and suggest product based on the customer’s past activities and current purchases. These Technologies blur the line between selling and marketing because the messages and product a customer sees are based on past purchasing activities. These programs are designed to increase the odds that the customer will see something he or she wants rather than being forced to wade through scores of products he or she has no interest in purchasing at a more standardized website.As the technology improves and grows, other forms of direct-marketing programs through the Internet will emerge. Also, as more people access the Web while on the move – - through mobile phones and other carry-around devices – -, Web Marketers undoubtedly will develop methods to reach customers with on-demand goods and services. It is likely that direct-marketing has only scratched the surface of the potential that the Internet offers.

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